For this week’s blog entry I am discussing how I set up fider Fider is a fantastic, super simple tool to help involve users in software development. It allows people to post an idea and it can be up voted by other users.

Initially, when I went onto the site x. I was able to follow the instructions to easily set it up on a free instance with heroku. This was a service I hadn’t used before.

Heroku allowed me to set up a postgres database easily and pull the code from github. There were just a few settings to add to get the app running and it was automatically secured. What was great is that I could have paid just $7 a month to have them host it and everything was easy.

I then got a bit more adventurous and looked to set it up on docker with Hetzner Cloud I am not hugely experience with docker but I used two tutorials to help with it;

  1. < I only did step one

  2. I then edited the config file from the fider website and just put in the email server details. I like sendinblue which offers a free smtp relay.

  3. I tried to run the command, docker-compose pull - but it turned out I needed to install docker-compose first.

  4. I then ran docker-compose pull - which set up the app

  5. docker-compose up - got the app running.

  6. I entered http// in my browser and was quickly taken to the setup page.

  7. Just added my email address, verified and was in the web interface changing settings.

I found the ssl settings difficult. So instead I decided to use cloudflare to secure the connection. Sensitive data was not being entered, but ssl is a must these days.

To really secure this properly I need to work out how to mount a volume in docker and add the two settings in the fider config.

I wanted to share as it’s a fantastic app that will be useful to others. It was a bit of a learning curve. But I found it very interesting and got me onto other things I wanted to learn.